Achieve great results in sports in an art that envolves both the sport performance coach as well the athlete. It is fundamental the commitment between both parts in order to exceed in sports. Consistency also is key in this game and the ones that persist in their dreams are the ones that will succed. The process involved to become a great athlete is a combination between multiples components, such as training, nutrition, recovery, emotional inteligence and many others. The ones that find a better balance between these componentes are the ones that will achieve better results. Our expertise as sports coachs will give you all the support to optimize your performance. The training plan is designed based on these 4 main componentes and a close relation with the athlete will provide the feedback needed to make any adjustment on the plan. We believe that scientific knowledge combined with hard work and consistency result in suceess.

... I very much enjoy the collaborative approach of coach-athlete as partners. You listen to my input and make active use of my feedback. You also listen to my concerns,frustations and fears. You gently push, motivate and encourage. I also value you are out there training, competing and racing with us. I find that very inspiring. You are doing the thinking, the srategy, the cycles and periodization. My role is to make the time for workouts, execute the plan and provide feedback. Not having to do the strategic thinking means I can focus my mental and emotional energy on the training. Finally, I know that I will always show up on race day full prepared, injurie free and not debilitated the day after the race...

- Yasmin -Triathlete from Kuwait -



Train smart and achieve your results. Providing individualized training program based on the sports science rules and the coachs experience, you will be able to bring your performance to a next level. After discussing the season plan with the athletes and creating the program, it is time to work hard to achieve it. Constant feedback and evaluation tests will help us to keep the plan on track, making adaptation on the training program as needed, reducing significantly the risk of injuries.


Strength is a fundamental capacity for a health daily life. If you are looking to improve your performance, strength should be an imperative part of your training program. If integrate properly in your periodization, it will provide a great support in your sport, improving performance and reducing the risks of injuires related to the sports specific. You can choose from working only on strength and conditioning or you can add it on your specific sport training.


Each sport has it own specific needs and each component of the training should be developed according to these needs. After analizing the sport biomechanics and phisiologic capacities involved on the movement and performance, a plan between athlete and coach is created in order to achieve optimum movement efficiency, resulting in an improvement of performance. From triathlon, running, swimming, cycling, adventure races and all kind of sports like football, voleyball, climbing, jet-ski, tennis and any other sports, you are welcome.


Personal Training is a great way to achieve results quick and safe. Personal trainer will provide a great training experience, creating a individualized program with constant feedback and updates on how to reach your goals, keeping you interest and commited with the training. We extremely recommend you to try and see the benefits. From strength an conditioning sessions, swimming and running technique, sports specific training, the benefits to have a personal coaching is the best choice you can make.






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